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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Sunday Love

Hey guys!

Today I am using PTU kit called "SweetSundayLove"
and you can get it here.
Tube by Misticheskaya at PFD.

(I drag my things into my canvas)
600x600 blank canvas.

open frame 5 and background to tube .
take your magic wand and click inside of frame.
selections-modify-expand by 5-invert-background pp-delete key.
while this is still selected add in fence-delete key.add ds
add ds to frame
add in close up of tube-delete key-
double click tube layer-opacity 40%
add in your tube-add ds

apply mask to pp 4
fan 4-rotate free hand-see mine
move around some-add ds to both-merge

tree 2
tree 3
tree 2
add ds


fairy3-duplicate-mirror-move around some


9-duplicate-move around some-add ds

kitten-add ds

add your name and proper credits.

City At Night 4

Hey guys!

Today I am using my PTU kit "CityAtNight"
you can get it here.
Tube by Zlata Ma at PFD here.

Open  a 600x600 blank canvas.
Open frame 1 & pp 5.
Take your magic wand and click inside of frame.
Selections-modify-expand by 5-invert-add in pp 5-delete key.
add ds to frame.
while it is still selected add in cityscape 2-delete key.
add ds
add in moon-delete key.


add in tube-add ds

branch 3-duplicate 4 times-add ds
branch 1-duplicate-add ds

dice 3=add ds
cards-add 3 of them.duplicate each one.
add ds
wire-add ds
bike-add ds
add your name and proper credits.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hey guys.
Today I am using a very good friend of mine, PTU kit called 
"Spooky Stuff"
and you can get it here.
Template KDHal2 Halloween Templates at CreativeMisfits.
Tube by the always awesome Barbra Jensen here.

Open template and delete credits,
orange stars

PP used was 26 
lets start at the bottom of the template.
add ds to web layers
rectangle add pp 26
selections-float-defloat-invert-add pp 26-delete key
el 73-rotate 90%-duplicate-mirror-add ds
skip pixel words
circle and purple
add ds to those layers skipped
on purple layer-
add in el 45-add ds
circles,change color to the orange in the tube.
selections-add close up tube to bottom and top circle-invert-delete key
on tube layer
double click tube layer-screen
add in el 10 on top and bottom
merge together-add ds
skip moon layer
next layer-add in pp 26-same as above-add ds
add ds to bats
delete orange stars-replace them with el 52-add ds
el 14-duplicated-add ds
add your tube
add el 32
add your name and proper credits.

Dark Secrets

Hey guys!
Today I am using a PTU kit called DarkSecrets by Devilish Dezines
and tube by Akkassha
and you can pick both up at ByWendyG store.

open frame 3 & pp 11
take your magic wand and click inside of frame
selections-modify-expand by 5-invert-add in pp 11-delete key
add in close up tube=delete key
duplicate close up tube
standing on 1st tube-blend mode box-overlayer
2nd tube-multiply 
select none
add penta jeans to pp 11.
add ds to frame.

open your tube and add ds.

el 38
one at top of frame
one at bottom
no ds
see mine

el 61
one above tubes (close ups)
one at top of frame above frame layer
no ds

place them similar to mine
add ds

96-add ds
68 no ds

tube-add ds

one of 67 above tube
see mine

chair -add ds
6-add ds

one smaller then each one
add ds

add your name and proper credits


Hey guys!
This morning I am using my PTU kit called 
"Vicious Rocks"
and you can get it here.
Tube by Screaming Demons at SATC here.
Template 164 by Toxic Desire here.

Open the template lets start by renaming layers.
starting at the bottom.
Go from 1-up.
is what you should have.

delete layers
layers 8

merge layers 2&3
layers 4&5

Starting at the bottom layer lets get started.

layer 1
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add in pp 21-delete key
select none

selections-float-defloat-modify-expand by 5=add new layer-
flood fill with light grey
select none.
selections-float-defloat-modify-contract by -7-delete key
drag under layer 1
add noise 20%
add ds

elements used under layer pp 21 used were:
57-duplicate-mirror-add ds
2-duplicate -close copy off.
drag 2 under 57
open close 2-erase what needs to be erased
see mine
add ds to 2 & 57

layer 2-using above steps -add in pp 20
layer -add pp 21
add ds to both layers

wire 2-add ds

pp 21 -apply mask

layer 6-add in pp 2
layer 7- add in pp 9
add ds to both layers

standing on pp 9 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add in two close
up tubes-merge-
duplicate close up tubes
double click
1st tube-screen
2nd tube-luminance legacy

add in el 22-add ds

open 56
place it-add ds
see mine if needed.

layer9-add in pp 2
skip next two layers
but add ds to the glitter backing
not black layer.

add in el 
1-duplicate-add ds to both
31- 3times=add ds
one smaller then two of them.

54-duplicate-mirror-add ds
drums-add ds
add your tube here-add ds
speaker-duplicate-smaller then one-add ds

add ds to each layer

add your name and proper credits!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In The Clouds

 Hey guys!
Today I am using Karra'sKreativeKorner PTU kit called "FriendsAreForever:Jane"
and tube is by Lynn Rider.
You can get both kit and tube at ART here.
Easy tut.
Open a 600x600 canvas.
Flood fill with white.
You will have to have the white background to keep the tube look.
Open these elements.
PP 8
kk star

open your tube.
Start by placing pink star far right.
purple stars
left bottom-ish.
place your tube.
now arrange them just were you want them.
add in your balloon and ladder.
now place your clouds and sparkles where you want them.
some of my stars are above clouds some under.
apply mask to pp-opacity down to 40% add noise
double click on tube-blend mode box-luminance legacy.
add your name and proper credits.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

City At Night 2

Hey guys. Tonight I am using PTU CityAtNight.
You can pick kit up here.
Tube by Fygomatic at ByWendyGstore here.
You can make one stop and get both kit at tube there!

Mask of choice.
Open a blank canvas of 650x650
open frames 3 & 1
Take frame 3-size down 40% then again at 70%

size down frame 1

place your frames similar to mine.
take your magic wand and inside of frames 3(merged)
selections-expand by 5-invert-add in pp 2=delete key
do pp 6 for the circle frame.

add ds to both frames.
open cityscape2 element
add ds

apply mask to pp 1

standing on pp 6 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-in close up of tube
mirror-merge-delete key
add penta jeans to tubes.

double click tube layer-blend mode-luminance legacy

add in your tube-add ds

rest of elements used were:
angelskullwings-duplicate-mirror-merge-add ds
bike-duplicate-mirror-merge-add ds
curledrib2-mirror-merge-add ds
curled rib 3-mirror-merge-add ds
flower2-mirror-merge-add ds
emopup-add ds
add your name and proper credits!

PTU BloodLust 3

Hey guys.
Tonight I am using my new kit
PTU Blood Lust.
This is the 2nd tut but 3rd tag I have made from it.
I will get 1st tag-tut written next.
Tube by the very awesome Jose A Cano from SATC here.
When I made this kit I use to shades of red.
The one from the tube and the one from PFD exclusive tube.
Both red will cover most of those vamp tubes I have seen.

( I drag my things into my canvas)

Open a canvas of 650x650
Open frames 2 & 4
frame 2-using your pick tool-make it into more of a rectangle.
also free hand rotate to the right a tad
place on left hand side
do this again, rotate a tad more-place on right hand side.
do the same thing to frame 4-place in middle.
on top of other frames-add ds to layer
frame 2 layers-merge-add ds.

your selection tool-point to point-draw around all 3 frames-
add in pp 1-invert-delete key
add in NON vamp tube-delete key-add ds.
double click layer-blend mode-screen-duplicate-double click-change
it to soft light.

add in your VAMP tube-add ds

using your cloud elements, make a background mask type.
I duplicated this 4 times.merged

add wings2-add ds

ground-add ds

above frame layer
r3-duplicate-add ds
one on left and right hand side.

coreset-add ds

wordart-add ds

flower1-mirror-add ds
one up higher then other-see mine.

b1-add ds

above tube layer
elements used were:

grassnskull-add ds
clock-add ds
heartnsword-add ds
car=add ds
46-add ds
grassnskull-add ds
hat-add ds
drink-add ds

add your name and proper credits.

Blood Lust 1

Hey guys!
Tonight I am using my new kit
PTU Blood Lust.
You can get it at 
AmyMarie'sKit store

Tube is an exclusive you can get at PFD.
Template 123 HorsePlayPastures here.

A few things to remember while working this tut.
I was all over the place when I made the tag.
So I am going to try my best to write it not all over the place.
I make no promises.heh!
(I drag my things into my canvas)
Glow went on my name.
You can use the plugin or blur.
You may not have this tube, you can get it
or choose many others to work with this tag .
When I made this kit, I choose the two shades of red
for most of the vamp tubes I saw. So you can always
use the other red color if this one doesnt match the tube
you have.

Open the template and delete
1st three layers.
then delete the last 3 layers.
Expand you canvas size to 650x650

Take rec 1& 2 and drag them to bottom layers.

merge rec 1a& 2a together.

standing on now rec1 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-modify-contract by 7-delete key
select none(make sure they are merged)
drag them now above layer rec 1a

so now look over at your layers and it should be named
rec a3
rec 3
rec 1
rec 1a

open pp 13 and apply any mask to it.
bottom layer
standing on rec 1a layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-pp 15-delete key.
now do this for the middle part of the template as well.

The frame part of the template
You will need to do this twice. Just like above.
standing on rec 1 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add in pp 2
Now merge these two layers together.
add ds to frame.
You should have one frame layer now.

This is where it is fixing to get tricky for me to
But if you will refer to the tag..and Ill try my best to write this correct..we can do this.

Normal I would write a tut with template from bottom up.
But I dont think Ill be able to do it that way this time.

standing on pp 15 -the two rectangle layers 
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-
add in these elements
( If I say duplicate them.Duplicate and then close it off)
bat moon-delete key-add ds
cloud 2-left-cloud 2 right
(see mine)
tree 2 left-delete key-tree 2 right-delete key-add ds to both 
house-duplicate-delete key (dont touch close off layer house)
add ds

all of these elements should be under frame layer.
drag the closed off house above the middle rectangle layer.
leave it closed off til we get to it.
back to frame layer
add in dead leaves
1 right-1 left-add ds
lighting element-copy.
see mine.
It goes on the middle and left hand side of template.

standing on pp 15 layer
(middle rec)
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert
open house-delete key.
back to the two rectangle pp 15 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-close up of tube-invert-delete key
double click tube layer-soft light

add in lighting element
(see mine)

cloud 2_opacity 50%

flower 7 on dead leaves-right hand side.
add ds
duplicate-add to top of frame.
duplicate both-mirror-now should be on left hand side.

(see mine)

ground element
duplicate several times-no ds-
see mine

add in your tube-add ds

wordart-add ds
b3(standing on clock layer-selections-
float-defloat-invert-delete key on b3 layer)
tag 2
grass skull
grass skull
add ds to each layer but web
add your name and proper credits.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

FTU-My Fall

Hey guys.
Today I used a FTU kit called MyFall.
Made by me and you can get it here.
Tube an Exclusive at PFD here.

Open a 600x600 blank canvas
Frame 4.
Take your magic wand and click inside of each frame.
selections-expand by 7-invert-add in pp of choice-delete key-
add in tube-left hand side-double click layer-blend mode-soft light
add in tube again-right hand side-mirror-delete key-add ds
add ds to drame.
now add in your elements.
elements used were 
under frame layers
28-duplicate-add ds
tree 4-3 times-add ds
tree3-add ds
grass-add ds

above frame layers
elements used were 
17-duplicated-add ds
5-add ds
27-add ds duplicate
leaf pile 2xs-add ds
14-add ds
fall cluster-2xs-add ds

add your name and proper credits.

A Colorful Life

Hey guys!
Today I am using a awesome kit called "A Colorful Life" PTU, by
You can get this kit at SATC here.
Tube by Zlata also at SATC here.

Easy peasy tut.
On the name I used Gradient Glow.
I picked 4 colors to make the glow.
and then you just click OK to add that multi color glow
to your name.
Penta -Jeans filter used.

(I drag my things into my canvas)

600x600 blank canvas.
Lets get started.

open canvas and el 12 & pp 5.
Tube and close up tube.

take your magic wand and click inside of frame.
selections-modify-expand by 7-invert-add in pp 5-delete key
add ds to frame.
while it is still selected-add in close up tube.
double click tube layer-blend box-overlay-
select none.
effects-plugins-penta jeans-default settings or play with it.
click ok

place your tube and add ds.

bottom layer add in el 27-duplicate-mirror-flip down-add ds

el 22 at top of frame-duplicate-mirror flip down-add ds

ontop of frame add in el 50.
add ds

el 49.
add this element in 3 times.
move it around-see mine
add ds to each one.
open el 40-size down-add this onto el 50 several times.
see mine. add ds to each layer.

add in el 58-add ds

el 35-duplicate-add ds
move one up higher then other.

add your name

add your name and proper credits.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey guys!
This morning I am using PTU kit Anastasia by BabyCakeScraps
and you can get it at SWA here.
Tube by Rachel Anderson at CDO here.
Template BabyDoll by Crazyforpicsfordesign here.

Open the template and delete all but the last 4 layers.
close off the white background.
standing on the white frame layer.
take your magic wand and click it so it is selected.
delete white frame layer-flood fill with a color from tube.
select none-add noise 50%.
add ds

standing on paper background layer-selections-float-defloat-
invert-add in pp 4.delete key

mask layer-change the color -I used one from tube.

open tube and place it.add ds

elements used where

curly2 ribbon-duplicated.add ds

vine-duplicated-one smaller-add ds to both

latterns-add ds

bunch-add ds

51-add ds (duplicated 5 times)

flower bunch-add ds

cluster-add ds

tube-add ds

love-add ds
laugh-add ds
hope-add ds

bird-add ds

bfly 3& 4--add ds

tube butterfly-add ds

add your name and proper credits.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

City At Night

Hey guys!
Tonight I am using my new PTU kit CityAtNight.
And you can get it here.
Tube at PFD here.
Template baby doll by PicsfordesignCrazy here.
Template name is BabyDoll.

To add papers to template this is how I do it.
You will need to refer to these directions again if you
need help.
Open papers you want to use for tag.Minimize them.
Materials box-pattern-angle 0=scale 70-pick paper you want to use.
The paper you picked should be in your patterns.

Selections-select all-float-defloat-add new layer-delete template layer-flood fill with paper you picked.

(This is how we will add our paper to the template)

(I drag my things into my canvas)

Open template-duplicate-close off other one.
delete all but the last 4 layers.
Go down to white background and delete that.
You should have just 3layers now.
Open your tube and pp 4.

Standing on frame layer-do the steps above-add in pp 4
to the frame layer. Delete template frame layer if you have not.
add ds

background layer-selections-float-defloat-invert-add in
background of tube layer -delete key.

while still selected-add in cityscape-moon-tube
delete key each time on each layer if needed.
add ds to both layers.

the mask layer of template on bottom-change color to black.

open element fence 2
add ds

add your tube.
add in elements:
wire 3-duplicate 3 times-add ds-merge all together-duplicate

drums=add ds

branch 1-duplicate 3 times-add ds

bike-3-effects-photo effects-sepia-25 click ok-add ds

crate 2-add ds

once you have all this set up the way you want it.
Go back to frame layer-open frame 4
size down 80% several times.

Place over the 1st part of the frame-you may need to stretch it
out if you need to. Do this 2more times on parts of the frames
you can see. once done-merge together-add ds

add your name and proper credits.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

PTU-SexNCandy 4th tut

Hey guys!
Tonight I am using my new ptu kit SexandCandy
You can get it at my stores here.
Tube by Jose A Cano ,you can get it at SATC here.
Template used is one I made for kit.

(I drag my things into my canvas)

To add the paper to the template this is the steps you need to know.
Open the paper you want to add to the template.
Selections-select all-add new layer-material box-patter--pick the paper you want to flood fill with-click ok.
settings in pattern should be 0angel-80scale.

Also when working with templates, I write the tut from the bottom up.That way I am not all over the place , like I am when making the tag.

Lets get started.
Open template.
PP I used were..
9 & 20
Open them both and minimize them.
Standing on layer 1 of the template

merge layer 1&2 together.
repeating steps above-flood fill layer with pp 20.ok
standing on pp 20-selections-float-defloat-modify -expand by 3-
add new layer-flood fill with a light color from pp.
select none-add ds

under this layer-add in element 73-duplicate-mirror-flip down
merge-add ds.

using same steps as above-flood fill new layer with pp 8
repeat same steps as before-flood fill with same color.
add ds

standing on pp 8 layer=selections-float-defloat-invert
open and size down city.
add into canvas-delete key
select none-duplicate-mirror-add ds

circle layer-using same steps=flood fill with pp 18

standing on pp 18 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-
add in close up tube.
add in close up tube again.
select none.
1st-close-double click layer-blend box-lighten
2nd close up tube-blend box-luminacne legacy

layer 5 of template-change color to a dark purple.
see mine.add ds

add in el wire 4-duplicate-add ds

layers 6&7 leave alone

and in size down frame 3
add ds

el 66-size down-duplicate-mirror-add ds

add in tube-add ds

layer 8-skip

add ds to each el layer.

add your name and proper credits.

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