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July 2013


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Glass Brad in PSP

Making a brad is one of the easiest things I have learn to do so far in PSP.
You can do them plain or
add cute lil things into them.

I am using PSPX5 but can be done in any version.

Open 500x500 canvas

Go to your shape tool and draw out a circle.
Convert to raster layer.
Add a lil texture to it or leave it plain.
Use what ever your fancy takes you...

Standing on the circle
selections-float-defloat-modify-selections boarders
In these settings I use 10 (this is something else you can always change)
click ok.

add new layer-flood fill with any color

I used eye candy chrome to make the
Basic Tab
inside selection checked
blur 30

click ok

Go back to your circle layer
selections-float -defloat-add new layer-flood fill with white
select none
duplicate layer-change the color

You are gonna use the 2nd one as a guide.

the duplicated layer -the one I had you change the color to
move it a lil-see above-
Turn the rim layer off 

standing on that gold color layer
move to the white layer-delete key
close your gold guide off so you dont see it any more

and this is what you will have

open your rim back up
go to blur-Gaussian Blur
standing on the white layer -gaussian blur
click ok

Duplicate the white blur-mirror -flip

you may need to move it around a bit
once you have it the way you want it.
merge to the blur layers together

drop the opacity down to anywhere from
sometimes I change these.

and then you are done

You can save this as a PSP or PS image 
and you can always change the backing
or add lil things into them later

This was my 1st tut like this so I hope you


1 comment:

  1. Ran across your site looking for psp tutorials on how to make elements and such for scrap kits with Paint Shop Pro as there seems to be no tutorials. Thank you for this tutorial. I wish there were more. God bless for sharing. By the way your site is beautiful!!!


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