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July 2013


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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blood Lust 1

Hey guys!
Tonight I am using my new kit
PTU Blood Lust.
You can get it at 
AmyMarie'sKit store

Tube is an exclusive you can get at PFD.
Template 123 HorsePlayPastures here.

A few things to remember while working this tut.
I was all over the place when I made the tag.
So I am going to try my best to write it not all over the place.
I make no promises.heh!
(I drag my things into my canvas)
Glow went on my name.
You can use the plugin or blur.
You may not have this tube, you can get it
or choose many others to work with this tag .
When I made this kit, I choose the two shades of red
for most of the vamp tubes I saw. So you can always
use the other red color if this one doesnt match the tube
you have.

Open the template and delete
1st three layers.
then delete the last 3 layers.
Expand you canvas size to 650x650

Take rec 1& 2 and drag them to bottom layers.

merge rec 1a& 2a together.

standing on now rec1 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-modify-contract by 7-delete key
select none(make sure they are merged)
drag them now above layer rec 1a

so now look over at your layers and it should be named
rec a3
rec 3
rec 1
rec 1a

open pp 13 and apply any mask to it.
bottom layer
standing on rec 1a layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-pp 15-delete key.
now do this for the middle part of the template as well.

The frame part of the template
You will need to do this twice. Just like above.
standing on rec 1 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add in pp 2
Now merge these two layers together.
add ds to frame.
You should have one frame layer now.

This is where it is fixing to get tricky for me to
But if you will refer to the tag..and Ill try my best to write this correct..we can do this.

Normal I would write a tut with template from bottom up.
But I dont think Ill be able to do it that way this time.

standing on pp 15 -the two rectangle layers 
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-
add in these elements
( If I say duplicate them.Duplicate and then close it off)
bat moon-delete key-add ds
cloud 2-left-cloud 2 right
(see mine)
tree 2 left-delete key-tree 2 right-delete key-add ds to both 
house-duplicate-delete key (dont touch close off layer house)
add ds

all of these elements should be under frame layer.
drag the closed off house above the middle rectangle layer.
leave it closed off til we get to it.
back to frame layer
add in dead leaves
1 right-1 left-add ds
lighting element-copy.
see mine.
It goes on the middle and left hand side of template.

standing on pp 15 layer
(middle rec)
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert
open house-delete key.
back to the two rectangle pp 15 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-close up of tube-invert-delete key
double click tube layer-soft light

add in lighting element
(see mine)

cloud 2_opacity 50%

flower 7 on dead leaves-right hand side.
add ds
duplicate-add to top of frame.
duplicate both-mirror-now should be on left hand side.

(see mine)

ground element
duplicate several times-no ds-
see mine

add in your tube-add ds

wordart-add ds
b3(standing on clock layer-selections-
float-defloat-invert-delete key on b3 layer)
tag 2
grass skull
grass skull
add ds to each layer but web
add your name and proper credits.

1 comment:

  1. There are no templates at the link you posted for this tute? Please can you doublecheck and re-post the correct link? Many thanks!


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