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July 2013


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey guys!
This morning I am using PTU kit Anastasia by BabyCakeScraps
and you can get it at SWA here.
Tube by Rachel Anderson at CDO here.
Template BabyDoll by Crazyforpicsfordesign here.

Open the template and delete all but the last 4 layers.
close off the white background.
standing on the white frame layer.
take your magic wand and click it so it is selected.
delete white frame layer-flood fill with a color from tube.
select none-add noise 50%.
add ds

standing on paper background layer-selections-float-defloat-
invert-add in pp 4.delete key

mask layer-change the color -I used one from tube.

open tube and place it.add ds

elements used where

curly2 ribbon-duplicated.add ds

vine-duplicated-one smaller-add ds to both

latterns-add ds

bunch-add ds

51-add ds (duplicated 5 times)

flower bunch-add ds

cluster-add ds

tube-add ds

love-add ds
laugh-add ds
hope-add ds

bird-add ds

bfly 3& 4--add ds

tube butterfly-add ds

add your name and proper credits.


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