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July 2013


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Thursday, March 21, 2013


hey guys!!

Today I am using the newest kit of my fairy collection
PTU Dark Fairy.
You can get it at my stores here.

Awesome tube by Anne Marine at CDO here.

Mask by Becky. 23. You can get it here.
Plugin used was
Eye candy-gradient glow

If you do not have these plugins
you can use FREE xero -sparkles
or something in the kit.
and blur for glow or blend mode box for glow
you will need to play with the settings.

This tut is for those who has working knowledge of PSP.

650 canvas
( I drag my things into my canvas)

Lets get started

Open your canvas
and open your tube.

Place your tube to the bottom -right side.
see mine.
you may move it later.

I used el 87 to build my tag and when I got half way done.
I closed it off and did not use it at all.
You can do this if you need help as a guide.
no sizing down with this element-

next el you will need to open is 
78-to the left of tag
add your ds

el-109-duplicated-add ds
behind tube layer

el-115 duplicated 3times-
add ds-size down two copies

effects-plugins-xenofex-constellaltion-default settings
on all 3 layers

Now add you mask to pp A
and then open the close up of tube
mirror it-add the same mask to it
On tube layer I also used the sparkles again.

make sure pp layer is bottom layer
then tube layer with mask

you can now close off el 87 if you used it as a guide
and add el 42
add a light ds to layer

el 40 & 92
add ds to 40- none to 92

add in el-5-add ds

and last el 35
duplicate-size down- add light ds
light light
merge them together.

add your name and proper credits.


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