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Thursday, March 26, 2015

PTU Roses

Hey guys! Tonight I am using PTU Roses and PU Roses Clusters by Amy.
You have two choices. 1 by the kit and follow me in the tut  or 2. buy the kit and pu clusters 
made- and then just add in the other elements and tube. 

Ok a few things before we start, I dont repeat them in tut so refer back here if you need too.
My drop shadows are always 

Filters used was Glow & Penta Jeans
Mask of choice and tube of choice. 

Verymany tube is here.
Canvas Size is 650x650

Pick a paper- I used paper 3 in kit.
add your mask to it and close it off til the end. 

Frame- 4
Slight rotate to the right.
add your dropshadow.

Open tube- size down too 550 in height. duplicate.
one above the frame one under the frame.
standing on layer TOP TUBE =erase feet etc hanging out of frame. 
close TOP TUBE layer - and do bottom tube layer.
add drop shadow to bottom tube layer.
add drop shadow to TOP TUBE Layer on a layer by itself. erase
parts of the shadow that is showing.

open elements- 5 & 9.
Element 9- under frame duplicate til you have 3 copies.
run it along side frame UNDER
Element 9 -place above frame - see mine for example.
add dropshadow to elements.

Open elements 13 & 83-86 (all roses)
Place them like or similar to mine. 
add drop shadow to each layer.

Open you mask layer.
Standing on frame layer- open magic wand ,click inside of frame.
Selections-modify-expand-by 10
open face of tube only.
place inside ( see mine) delete key.
double click layer-soft light

add the proper copy rights and your name
Matching FB Banner in next tutorial!

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