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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pieces of Autumn

Hey guys!

Today I am using PTU kit called Pieces of Autumn by Gemini Creationz
and you can see her blogs at her website by clicking her name.
Tube used was by Alex P at PFD here.

Today you will need to open a 650X650 blank canvas.
open frame accent and stick frame. Paper of choice and a tube.
size the frame down to 550x  __ and click inside of it with the magic wand.
expand by 5-invert-add in paper of choice.
delete key. add in close up of tube.delete key
double click the tube layer-luminance legacy-bring opacity down to 80%
place in your accent frame and main tube.
add ds to the layers you want a shadow on.
add in elements 
fall branch
street lamp 
word arts.
flower-duplicated 4 times.

add dropshadows to each layer.
add your name and proper credits!


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