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Sunday, August 26, 2012

PTU BloodLust 3

Hey guys.
Tonight I am using my new kit
PTU Blood Lust.
This is the 2nd tut but 3rd tag I have made from it.
I will get 1st tag-tut written next.
Tube by the very awesome Jose A Cano from SATC here.
When I made this kit I use to shades of red.
The one from the tube and the one from PFD exclusive tube.
Both red will cover most of those vamp tubes I have seen.

( I drag my things into my canvas)

Open a canvas of 650x650
Open frames 2 & 4
frame 2-using your pick tool-make it into more of a rectangle.
also free hand rotate to the right a tad
place on left hand side
do this again, rotate a tad more-place on right hand side.
do the same thing to frame 4-place in middle.
on top of other frames-add ds to layer
frame 2 layers-merge-add ds.

your selection tool-point to point-draw around all 3 frames-
add in pp 1-invert-delete key
add in NON vamp tube-delete key-add ds.
double click layer-blend mode-screen-duplicate-double click-change
it to soft light.

add in your VAMP tube-add ds

using your cloud elements, make a background mask type.
I duplicated this 4 times.merged

add wings2-add ds

ground-add ds

above frame layer
r3-duplicate-add ds
one on left and right hand side.

coreset-add ds

wordart-add ds

flower1-mirror-add ds
one up higher then other-see mine.

b1-add ds

above tube layer
elements used were:

grassnskull-add ds
clock-add ds
heartnsword-add ds
car=add ds
46-add ds
grassnskull-add ds
hat-add ds
drink-add ds

add your name and proper credits.


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