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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Skulls N Roses 2

Hey guys.
Tonight I am using PTU SkullsNRoses by me.
You can get it here.
Tube by SkyScraps here at SATC.
Mask of choice.

Open 600x600canvas

open roses 1-3 frames.
Place them in order you want them. Moving each one slightly over each time. see mine.
add a ds to each frame.
standing on bottom one.magic wand-selections-modify-expand by 5
invert-add in pp 17

apply mask to pp 19

standing on pp 17
select all-float-defloat-invert-add in a close up shot of the tube-delete key-add ds

over the tube layer
add in skullingspider-add ds

place your tube in center-ish-add ds

open elements
teddyskull-add ds
nailpolishlipstick-add ds
handbag-add ds
lips-add ds
drink-add ds

place your bike-add ds

open broken glass-over close up tube layer-move them around to where you want them
then drag under the close up tube layer.

add your name and proper credits.


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