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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Colorful Life

Hey guys!
Today I am using a awesome kit called "A Colorful Life" PTU, by
You can get this kit at SATC here.
Tube by Zlata also at SATC here.

Easy peasy tut.
On the name I used Gradient Glow.
I picked 4 colors to make the glow.
and then you just click OK to add that multi color glow
to your name.
Penta -Jeans filter used.

(I drag my things into my canvas)

600x600 blank canvas.
Lets get started.

open canvas and el 12 & pp 5.
Tube and close up tube.

take your magic wand and click inside of frame.
selections-modify-expand by 7-invert-add in pp 5-delete key
add ds to frame.
while it is still selected-add in close up tube.
double click tube layer-blend box-overlay-
select none.
effects-plugins-penta jeans-default settings or play with it.
click ok

place your tube and add ds.

bottom layer add in el 27-duplicate-mirror-flip down-add ds

el 22 at top of frame-duplicate-mirror flip down-add ds

ontop of frame add in el 50.
add ds

el 49.
add this element in 3 times.
move it around-see mine
add ds to each one.
open el 40-size down-add this onto el 50 several times.
see mine. add ds to each layer.

add in el 58-add ds

el 35-duplicate-add ds
move one up higher then other.

add your name

add your name and proper credits.


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