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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey guys!
Today I am using my PTU kit called "Tainted"
You can get it here.
Tube by awesome Misticheskya at PFD here.
Template 418 by Missy of Divine Intentions here.

The way I loaded the papers is changed for this template.
Instead of using selections- I opened the papers-and flood filled them into new layers.

(I drag my things into my canvas)

When using a template I always start at the bottom and work up.
So open your template and lets get started.

The two squares-merge together.
selections-float-defloat-add new layer-flood fill with pp 25
repeat these steps again on next layers to the template-
the next layer-pp 25
the next layer -pp 12
the next layer-pp 18
the next layer-pp 17
the next layer -pp 9
the next layer -pp 25.
now all papers should be added to template.
make sure to add a DS to each layer.

open your tube
standing on pp 17 layer
add in el flame-duplicate-mirror-add ds

standing on layer pp 9-selections-select all-float-defloat-add in close up of tube.
double click tube layer-blend mode box-screen.

standing on pp layer 25 layer (last one we did)
open el's 2 & 3
rotate them both 90%
add them over each pp 25 strip
(see mine)

open el 4&5
size them down
duplicate each one-move them around-add ds

flower 4-duplicate-add ds

curly4-duplicate-add ds

devil bird-duplicate-add ds

duplicate -you will need 4 of these.
place in the middle of curly 4
add in your winged skull element-add ds to each layer

add in your sparkles.
add your name and proper credits.


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