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July 2013


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Saturday, August 3, 2013

PTU Rich Girls

Hey Guys!!
 It has been so long since I have written a tutorial.
But here I am trying
Today I used my new PTU Amy kit. 
This kit is MASSIVE.
You can get it at My Personal store AmyMarie'sKits only.
Tube used by Verymany at PFD.
No masks , glow was only filter used on name.

So lets get started.
650 x650 blank canvas
dropshadow-ds (2-2-50-3)
Only changed it on tube.

Lets get started with tag.
Take el 171. Place in center of canvas.
Then take the el 155 mask.
Selections -select all-float-defloat-invert add in pp 7
delete. delete layer 155

This should now be on bottom layer. then clock layer.
now add in your tube.
ds on tube
next up
open el's  23 & 135 & 124 & 70
below tube , above clock layer
add in 23 twice. one on top one towards the bottom.

once you have the rest of your elements placed.
open and use word art 2.
Add your name and proper credits.


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