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July 2013


Making Elements

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Saturday, August 3, 2013


PTU Amy used.
You can pick it up at AmyMarie'sKits.
Tube by Alex P at Verymany here.

Open cluster 2 by Rosey and your tube.
AWESOME Cluster Rosey!!
I have an awesome CT team.

Delete Layers 2 and 11
Except for layer 1
Put a drop shadow on every layer 2-2-55-5
Layer 8 -nail polish.
move to top-size way down.
merge layers 8,7,10,9,6,5,43
move them slighty over.
add in your tube. shadow on right and left side of tube.
place your tube. SEE MINE for example.
Raster 14 copy-mirror merge together

add in elements
6-under merged cluster of elements

add in element 22
3 times. two under tube. one above tube towards the bottom

add your name and proper credits.


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