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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beautiful Addie

Tonight I am using a personal photo of my beautiful Addie.
And Cluster Frame 2 of Lillys Easter Clusters by Amy HERE.
You can pick the kit up here.

It has been a long while since I wrote a tut so hang with me.
I still work from bottom up. lol
so with that said. Open you a photo. Size it down to 500 in height.

( you can open cluster pack 2 or  go by this tut and build your own
and add extra elements in if you own the kit) 

open a 650x650 frame.

Open paper 11 and size down to 650. Use a mask of your choice.
Then size your photo down to 500 in height. 
Frame sized down to 500 in height.
then add drop shadow to frame ONLY.
Merge photo and frame.
Do a slight tilt 
Elements Used -from bottom up are.
el 72 -duplicate. one rotate slight
2nd one at the bottom rotate more
add drop shadow
bubble element 39-sized down 70% 3 times.
Duplicated 3 times-No Shadow
elements 53 (2xs) and 52
add your drop shadow
and lastly 75 add your drop shadow.

drop shadow settings I always use are

feel free to add in or  take out more elements if you own the kit  or you can move elements
around if you own just the cluster pack.


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