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Sunday, August 26, 2012

City At Night 2

Hey guys. Tonight I am using PTU CityAtNight.
You can pick kit up here.
Tube by Fygomatic at ByWendyGstore here.
You can make one stop and get both kit at tube there!

Mask of choice.
Open a blank canvas of 650x650
open frames 3 & 1
Take frame 3-size down 40% then again at 70%

size down frame 1

place your frames similar to mine.
take your magic wand and inside of frames 3(merged)
selections-expand by 5-invert-add in pp 2=delete key
do pp 6 for the circle frame.

add ds to both frames.
open cityscape2 element
add ds

apply mask to pp 1

standing on pp 6 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-in close up of tube
mirror-merge-delete key
add penta jeans to tubes.

double click tube layer-blend mode-luminance legacy

add in your tube-add ds

rest of elements used were:
angelskullwings-duplicate-mirror-merge-add ds
bike-duplicate-mirror-merge-add ds
curledrib2-mirror-merge-add ds
curled rib 3-mirror-merge-add ds
flower2-mirror-merge-add ds
emopup-add ds
add your name and proper credits!


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