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Thursday, August 16, 2012

PTU-SexNCandy 4th tut

Hey guys!
Tonight I am using my new ptu kit SexandCandy
You can get it at my stores here.
Tube by Jose A Cano ,you can get it at SATC here.
Template used is one I made for kit.

(I drag my things into my canvas)

To add the paper to the template this is the steps you need to know.
Open the paper you want to add to the template.
Selections-select all-add new layer-material box-patter--pick the paper you want to flood fill with-click ok.
settings in pattern should be 0angel-80scale.

Also when working with templates, I write the tut from the bottom up.That way I am not all over the place , like I am when making the tag.

Lets get started.
Open template.
PP I used were..
9 & 20
Open them both and minimize them.
Standing on layer 1 of the template

merge layer 1&2 together.
repeating steps above-flood fill layer with pp 20.ok
standing on pp 20-selections-float-defloat-modify -expand by 3-
add new layer-flood fill with a light color from pp.
select none-add ds

under this layer-add in element 73-duplicate-mirror-flip down
merge-add ds.

using same steps as above-flood fill new layer with pp 8
repeat same steps as before-flood fill with same color.
add ds

standing on pp 8 layer=selections-float-defloat-invert
open and size down city.
add into canvas-delete key
select none-duplicate-mirror-add ds

circle layer-using same steps=flood fill with pp 18

standing on pp 18 layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-
add in close up tube.
add in close up tube again.
select none.
1st-close-double click layer-blend box-lighten
2nd close up tube-blend box-luminacne legacy

layer 5 of template-change color to a dark purple.
see mine.add ds

add in el wire 4-duplicate-add ds

layers 6&7 leave alone

and in size down frame 3
add ds

el 66-size down-duplicate-mirror-add ds

add in tube-add ds

layer 8-skip

add ds to each el layer.

add your name and proper credits.


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