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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey guys!
Today I am using my new PTU Witching kit.
You can get the kit here.
Tube Zlata Ma at PFD here.
Template 158 by Leah&Amy here.

Open the template.
The template is smaller then what I work with.So I sized it up.
then I went to image-canvas size-make sure middle box is checked so it will center.
600x600 click ok.

now I love the way the numbered the template so no need to change anything else on template.

duplicate it-close 1st one.

as always when working with templates.
we are going to work from bottom up.

No papers will be needed. We will be changing the color with color change box.
manual color changer- or if you dont know how to use it with your flood fill tool.

either way lets gets started.

bottom layer-leave black
9layer-changed to green in tube
8&7 layer-changed to the orange yellowish color in the witch tube hat
6layer-change to an orange in witch hat-add noise 20%
5&3layer-change to purple
4&2 layer-change to the same orange color
delete layer 1
delete credits
add ds to each layer BUT NOT THE PURPLE layers

open your moon element,place it where layer 1 was at.
move slightly up and over
open and place tube
add ds to both layers.

now behind moon layer-add in element faces-duplicate
one towards the top of template-one towards the bottom of template

no ds added to this element

bat element-duplicate-add ds

fog-one under tube..copy-one over tube towards bottom
copy bottom -close off.
add in cemetery element
open closed off fog-move over cemetery layer

add ds to cemetery layer

add in your grass and grass&skull elements-add ds

add in your spellbook elements.

add your name and proper credits.


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