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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey guys!
Today I am using my new PTU Witching kit.
You can get the kit here.
Tube Zlata Ma at PFD here.
Template 158 by Leah&Amy here.

Open the template.
The template is smaller then what I work with.So I sized it up.
then I went to image-canvas size-make sure middle box is checked so it will center.
600x600 click ok.

now I love the way the numbered the template so no need to change anything else on template.

duplicate it-close 1st one.

as always when working with templates.
we are going to work from bottom up.

No papers will be needed. We will be changing the color with color change box.
manual color changer- or if you dont know how to use it with your flood fill tool.

either way lets gets started.

bottom layer-leave black
9layer-changed to green in tube
8&7 layer-changed to the orange yellowish color in the witch tube hat
6layer-change to an orange in witch hat-add noise 20%
5&3layer-change to purple
4&2 layer-change to the same orange color
delete layer 1
delete credits
add ds to each layer BUT NOT THE PURPLE layers

open your moon element,place it where layer 1 was at.
move slightly up and over
open and place tube
add ds to both layers.

now behind moon layer-add in element faces-duplicate
one towards the top of template-one towards the bottom of template

no ds added to this element

bat element-duplicate-add ds

fog-one under tube..copy-one over tube towards bottom
copy bottom -close off.
add in cemetery element
open closed off fog-move over cemetery layer

add ds to cemetery layer

add in your grass and grass&skull elements-add ds

add in your spellbook elements.

add your name and proper credits.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Skulls N Roses 2

Hey guys.
Tonight I am using PTU SkullsNRoses by me.
You can get it here.
Tube by SkyScraps here at SATC.
Mask of choice.

Open 600x600canvas

open roses 1-3 frames.
Place them in order you want them. Moving each one slightly over each time. see mine.
add a ds to each frame.
standing on bottom one.magic wand-selections-modify-expand by 5
invert-add in pp 17

apply mask to pp 19

standing on pp 17
select all-float-defloat-invert-add in a close up shot of the tube-delete key-add ds

over the tube layer
add in skullingspider-add ds

place your tube in center-ish-add ds

open elements
teddyskull-add ds
nailpolishlipstick-add ds
handbag-add ds
lips-add ds
drink-add ds

place your bike-add ds

open broken glass-over close up tube layer-move them around to where you want them
then drag under the close up tube layer.

add your name and proper credits.

Skulls N Roses

Hey guys!

I have a new tut today.
I used my new kit PTU Skulls N Roses.
You can get it here.

Tube by Misticheskaya at PFD here.

Very easy tut.
Open a blank canvas of 600x600

open canvas
open element 6
take your magic wand and click inside of the frame center.
selections-modify-expand by 5-invert-add in pp 1
delete key.
while still selected-add in a close up shot of the tube.
standing on tube layer-double click-blend mode box-
select none
add ds to frame and tube.

open elements sq2
duplicate this til you have 4 of them.
place them all around the back of frame.
merge all together-add ds

open sparkles 2
place one at top-one towards the bottom.

add in your tube-add ds

open your skull spider
4 of them all around.
add ds to each layer.

open rose 7-duplicate-add ds

open devil bird
duplicate-add ds

add your name and proper credits.

EveryWitchWay SiggySet

Hey guys.
This is the 1st tut I have wrote in awhile.
Today I am using GeminiCreationz kit PTU Every Witch Way and Tube.
You can get both at SATC here.

Template by Spawns Forum Set Templates
I used Template 73 and you can get it here.

Standing on the main background layer of the template.
Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat-invert-add in pp 4.
Delete Key.

Open tube-and add into template-face only-duplicate-mirror-
merge together-double click tube layer-blend mode box-lighten-add ds

Standing on white dots layer-change the color to an orange in the tube.

Change the bottom grey and top grey to the same orange , you did the dots.
add noise 50%.
add ds to both layers.

leave the two black layers alone-just add ds to each layer.

standing on bottom white layer
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add in pp 5
move the pp down to the bottom -see mine-delete key.

do the same thing for the top white layer. this time
using the top part and colors of the pp 5.

leave top dots alone.

add in cobweb element
size down-duplicate-merge (darker looking)
add a ds to the element.
place on in the corner at the bottom and the top corner.

add your name and credits.

For the Default Tar.
Merge the siggy together.
open a blank canvas of 250 x250
slide it over into canvas.
add a border if you want.
also add your name and credits here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rock Me

Hey guys!

Today I am using my new kit Rock Me.
You can buy it here.
Tube by Alex Prihodko at PFD here.

This is a very easy simple tut.
All you need is frame 6,pp 3, tube, drumsticks,drums and spiderweb

Open the frame-take your magic wand,click inside.
selections-select all-float-deflot-invert-add in pp 3
delete key.
close up tube-delete key-blend mode box-luminance legacy.
add your tube, drums, drum stick(S) and spider web.
add your name and proper credits.


Hey guys!
Today I am using my PTU kit called "Tainted"
You can get it here.
Tube by awesome Misticheskya at PFD here.
Template 418 by Missy of Divine Intentions here.

The way I loaded the papers is changed for this template.
Instead of using selections- I opened the papers-and flood filled them into new layers.

(I drag my things into my canvas)

When using a template I always start at the bottom and work up.
So open your template and lets get started.

The two squares-merge together.
selections-float-defloat-add new layer-flood fill with pp 25
repeat these steps again on next layers to the template-
the next layer-pp 25
the next layer -pp 12
the next layer-pp 18
the next layer-pp 17
the next layer -pp 9
the next layer -pp 25.
now all papers should be added to template.
make sure to add a DS to each layer.

open your tube
standing on pp 17 layer
add in el flame-duplicate-mirror-add ds

standing on layer pp 9-selections-select all-float-defloat-add in close up of tube.
double click tube layer-blend mode box-screen.

standing on pp layer 25 layer (last one we did)
open el's 2 & 3
rotate them both 90%
add them over each pp 25 strip
(see mine)

open el 4&5
size them down
duplicate each one-move them around-add ds

flower 4-duplicate-add ds

curly4-duplicate-add ds

devil bird-duplicate-add ds

duplicate -you will need 4 of these.
place in the middle of curly 4
add in your winged skull element-add ds to each layer

add in your sparkles.
add your name and proper credits.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey guys!
Today I am using my new PTU kit called "Blue Emo"
And you can get it here.
I used the tube that inspired this kit.
Zlata Ma at PFD here.

easy tut so lets get started.
pp 14 used.
frame 4
elements used were
blue string
broken glass
emo bear
flower1 & 3

open frame and paper
take your magic wand and click inside of the frame.
selections-modify-expand by 5-invert-add in pp
add in two shots of the close up right (luminace legacy )
one of left-leave as is.
standing on each tube=hit delete key

add ds to frame.
add in your tube.
now add in the broken glass.
duplicate this 4 times.move around some.
add a light dropshadow to this element.

now add in your flowers,shot heart,emo bear and your ribbon
duplicate the ribbon-mirror-add ds

add in your bluestring-add ds
add butterfly-duplicate-mirror-add ds

add your name and proper credits.